Scuba Diving in St Croix

stcroix_reef_diveDivers, traveling from around the world, consistently choose St Croix as their travel destination for scuba diving. The North Coast of St Croix provides numerous wall dives, not only advanced divers, but beginning divers can take advantage of also. Some walls, such as the East and West Wall at Salt River, start in only twenty feet of water. Perfect sea conditions for even the beginning diver.

For the more advanced scuba diver, St Croix offers deep dives, and many dive shops, such as Anchor Dive located at Salt River, provided Nitrox diving as well.

There are numerous wrecks scattered around the Island of St Croix. From the scuttled freighter Rosaomaira, located off of Frederiksted, to three hundred year anchors left by the Danish ships during those days of Danish occupation.

The pier at Frederiksted, makes for a great night dive. Damaged by Hurricane Hugo back in 1989, the remains are almost guaranteed you sighting of moray eels and seahorses.

For the more adventuresome divers, Cane Bay Divers have discovered a way to call sharks. About a hundred yards off the beach in Cane Bay, the world famous Cane Bay Wall starts at 30 feet and plummets to over three thousand feet! Diving with one of Cane Bay’s experienced Dive Masters, you’ll get the chance to call sharks. And if you’re lucky, dive with reef sharks. You may even get to see a manta ray while there too.

Just a five minute walk or a two minute drive from Arawak Bay Inn, you’ll find Anchor Dive Shop located at Salt River Marina.  They provide some of the best diving within the Salt River National Park, including Wall Diving at the East and West Wall at Salt River Canyon.

Further West, about a seven minute drive, you’ll find Cane Bay Divers.   Dive the famous Cane Bay Wall, only 100 feet from shore, or dive off of one of their state of the art inflatable dive boats, designed for Navy Seals, to reach the best dives sites on St. Croix including Northstar and Davis Bay.

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