Arawak Bay Hurricane Maria Update

To all prospective guests:

We know you made your reservations prior to Hurricane Maria. While the hotel experienced very little damage and certainly not enough to prevent occupancy, at this stage we cannot assure you that electricity, phone lines, and cell phone service will be restored in time for your visit. No nearby restaurants are currently operational and it is difficult and dangerous driving at night without street lights. We do have emergency personnel occupying our rooms as they strive to restore our island. We are asking that you be patient with us, and we will notify you of our ability to accommodate you by about November 15. At this point we are considering all reservations cancelled unless you distinctly tell us to continue to hold a reservation for you. We thank your understanding.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Arawak Bay: Inn at Salt River by telephone: (340) 643 7579 or by email: Thank you.


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